"...no BS rock... one of the most critically-acclaimed vocalists on the west coast... a Steve Earle for today...- Canadian Bands - on Going Down (2015)

"Farr's voice is in itself a more than convincing impact... the sober ballad "On The Inside" presents itself as a young SpringsteenWritten In Music - on I Ain't Dyin' (2016)

"The sound of the music sinks just as deeply into new soil as it did into Delta mud... Mississippi Live and the Dirty Dirty play it dirty...- The Alternate Root Magazine - on I Ain't Dyin' (2016)

"the finest collaboration between blues and roots... clear hit potential.- rootsville.eu - on I Ain't Dyin' (2016)

"Mississippi Live & the Dirty Dirty prove that while releasing an EP, it gives you the opportunity to venture and experiment with your tracks- Kingston Music Reviews - on I Ain't Dyin' (2016)

"It's not stoner rock, it's not metal, it's not even country; it's a mish mash of everything that gets my goat & ticks my clock. The tone of the guitars ring with a grandiose nostalgia, twangy enough to lure in a country bumpkin, sophisticated enough to impress bearded brethren of the urban variety &  powerful enough to send shivers down the spine of a statue." - The Huntsman - Ripple Music Blogspot on discography (2009 - 2016)

"Vancouver's best Southern Rock Band... Southern like The Bottle Rockets. These guys know the value of a riff and they can drill it into your brain." - R. Doull - BC Musician Magazine - on Going Down (2015)

"If Pearl Jam’s and the Drive By Truckers’ tour busses collided en route to a Neil Young show in New Orleans,  the result might sound like Mississippi Live and the Dirty Dirty’s CD “Going Down.” - Richard Amery - LA Beat - on Going Down (2015)

" 'Going Down' maintains the quality of its predecessor (Way Down Here)and in a similar fashion mines a sound more akin to the Deep South rather than what we might expect from the Canadian seaboard. As for Deep South we mean the guitar charged thrust of bands like The Drive By Truckers as opposed to soul or blues. ...the spectral guitars, gloomy organ and rolling drums of Dead & Gone and the brooding Country Boy which serves to deliver the heads of the Truckers and Neil Young on your platter." - Paul Kerr - Blabber 'n' Smoke - on Going Down (2015)

"a straightforward rocking energy that brings to mind bands like Crazy Horse, Gin Blossoms and Wilco. This is rock 'n' roll, with hints of country and blues played with an undeniable enthusiasm that is as infectious as the music..."  —  The Music Critic - on Way Down Here (2010)

"Way Down Here" you can lose in your record collection. For years you might not even miss him. Until a certain moment the album itself again arises. The record will be just as riveting as the first time that you heard it... the timeless kind of folk, honest and sincere... something you feel. Mississippi Live is a true craftsman in the house when it comes to writing songs. 4 out of 5 stars!" - Edward - EKAYA - on Way Down Here (2010)

"...recapitulates the best elements from Neil Young and Crazy Horse legacies, earliest Bruce Springsteen or John Mellencamp works. Brilliant work and fine realization. Absolutely recommendable." Rating 9 / 10 Branimir Lokner - BLOKNER REVIEWS - on Way Down Here (2010)

“It grabs the listener’s ear right from the getgo... immediately appealing... His vocals are heartfelt, the music is scorching, and basically the CD goes by way too fast. You just want to get lost in the feel and the emotion and then replay it.” - Richard Amery - L.A. Beat - on Way Down Here (2010)

“they deliver a dirty muddy rock sound that is as sludgy as the fabled delta he hails from with obvious nods to the likes of the Drive By Truckers and Neil Young in Southern Man mode. Great Stuff! ...a very satisfying album.” - Paul Kerr - Americana UK - on Way Down Here (2010)

“Mississippi Live& the Dirty Dirty has created a worthy successor to his debut (album). An honest record that many Bruce Springsteen fans will recall the Roots of "their" Boss.” - Rein van den Berg - Johnny's Garden - on Way Down Here (2010)

"...one of Vancouver's most promising singer/songwriters." - Adrian Mack - The Georgia Straight

"...there is something deep and invigorating in both the songwriting and attack... Not alot of songwriters out there can deliver an infectious hook while keeping the theme so honest, timeless and heavy. Steve Earle's got that going for him. Springsteen in his darker moments. Jeff Tweedy, too... Farr shows signs of that same touch throughout Mississippi Live, and it makes a music fan excited about what lies ahead."
RC Joseph - BC Musician Magazine (July/August 2010 Issue 81) - on Mississippi Live - Mississippi Live (2009)

“Connely’s brilliance in song writing is evident throughout the album, but what makes ‘mississippi live” distinct is the ease of emotion put into these songs. No lyric or note seems forced. It’s as if Connely has been doing this since he was a kid, playing guitar with his family on a porch... and is simply living out his dream...”
Jenna Lillies - One Cool Word. magazine (Spring 2010, Issue 4.4) - on Mississippi Live - Mississippi Live (2009)

“nostalgic, emotional and melodic worn… The music not only speaks for itself, but also activates the imagination. Volatile, but impressive. The music is sultry, moody, searching… very clever songs, bursting with ideas.”
Rein van den Berg - www.altcountryforum.nl (21 February 2010) - on Mississippi Live - Mississippi Live (2009)